Will My Insurance Pay For Rehab?

Will My Insurance Pay For Rehab?


Are you wondering if your insurance will pay for drug rehab or alcohol treatment? You are certainly not alone in this question! When you know that you can’t face another day drinking or using, but can’t imagine a day of not drinking or using it is time for help, NOW.  How many times will you try “to quit on my own”? It doesn’t work.

I Can’t Stop Drinking or Using on My Own

I was speaking with a person just today, who told me they were going to detox at home from alcohol, and that they just needed “to be strong”. This thinking is what we call in the rooms of recovery INSANE. When you are actively using, your head is in the tiger’s mouth already. On your own, the only thing that you can actively do is be WILLING to let people help you, and follow directions. Carefully follow directions.

So, when you are ready to do whatever it takes, but you can barely Google Insurance Covered Drug Rehab, we can help.  There are different types of drug rehab alcohol treatment centers for rehabilitation. Some are covered by company, medical or state insurance, and some are not.  The irony is that many rehabs who are covered by insurance have had to jump through many administrative hoops. They must comply with imposed guidelines to help keep costs down for the insurance company that is paying for the rehab. Often times most of the rehabs energy is spent in making the insurance companies happy!

Insurance Covered Drug Rehab vs Private Pay Addiction Facilities

Private pay facilities, especially those overseas, such as in Panama, can focus directly on the person that needs help, rather than the bureaucracy of administrative ever changing rules and regulations of Drug Rehab Insurance Companies.  Many people have no idea that they could chose a private pay facility for rehabilitation and treatment for addiction.  If financing is an issue, there are companies that specialize in helping addicts get the loans they need for treatment. Often family or loved ones can help. Perhaps there is a motorcycle or boat that could be sold, or a bond that could be cashed. A new option many are choosing is private funding through online programs. Private pay drug rehab is not for everyone, obviously, but it may be easier than you think.

Get Help for Your Addiction Now!

The very very most important thing though, is that the person gets the help they need as quickly as possible. If state run rehab is all that you can manage, get in there as fast as you can! If you still have options, consider a private pay drug rehab. Going out of country to Panama or Thailand assures that your confidentiality and privacy are upheld. Prices for rehab out of country, or overseas can be surprisingly and substantially lower than those on Malibu Rehab Road.

Going Overseas To A Tropical and Serene Location For Recovery

Serenity Vista Addiction Recovery Retreat in Panama is Canadian owned and operated. The number of guests at any one time is small, to a maximum of 6 persons. Each person has the utmost individual care and attention.  If you need to have your rehab covered by insurance, we can help you find the perfect treatment for you. Please contact us for more information.


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