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Addiction Problems are multiple and complex. Serenity Vista offers soltuions

Addiction Creates Many Problems

Alcoholism and drug addiction problems grow as the disease progresses. Anyone struggling with addiction will readily describe a host of mounting problems in their life. Family members living with an addict will agree. There is a negative impact on all aspects of the alcoholic or addict’s life. The disease is chronic, progressive. If untreated, it is potentially fatal. This short article only briefly touches upon the extent of addiction’s negative consequences. A more comprehensive review may be found here.

Addiction warps the mind, distorts life, and destroys relationships. Physical addiction itself is a major problem with a host of medical consequences. There are numerous secondary problems that are just as detrimental.

Multiple Addictions

Addictions often lead to and exacerbate other addictions. When the alcoholic is in the throws of a drinking binge, she has a loss of self control and inhibitions. If she is trying to overcome nicotine addiction, sex addiction, or any other impulse, she is less able to while drinking. Substances takes over and the addiction progresses.

Instead of exercising a firm temperance or resistance to the craving and impulse, she gives in. Giving in to one addiction nullifies her ability to control others. It’s like a domino effect. For example, some cocaine addicts describe initially only desiring cocaine when under the influence of alcohol. In this example, alcoholism can progress to a cross addiction with cocaine.

Even attempts to break lesser habits like nail biting, lying, or nervous leg shaking are fruitless when one is overcome by addiction.

Impaired Judgement

Substance abuse also grossly impairs judgement. This creates significant problems for the addict and of the lives they touch. An addict’s choices become reckless with judgement impaired by alcohol or drugs. Substance abuse is often accompanied by painful outcomes including unplanned pregnancies, auto accidents or fights and domestic abuse. It all ends in pain. Addiction is not passive. It always gets worse. It always progresses toward danger, destruction, and in many cases death. It’s no wonder that destructive terms like “hammered, smashed, stoned, wasted, bombed, and blitz” are so commonly used to describe the effects of substance use. It hijacks the decision making process. It unfailingly leads to harm of self and others.

Financial Consequences

An additional problem worth serious discussion is money. Addiction creates a myriad of financial issues. Addicts unwittingly spend a great deal of money on their addictions. The direct costs of money spent on alcohol and drugs can be staggering. Money is wasted and resources dwindle. As addiction begins to take over, jobs and careers begin to suffer, creating further financial trouble. Dishonesty and other forms of violating one’s values become hallmarks of the disease progression. Some rock-bottom addicts with no job resort to stealing money or prostitution to feed their addictions.

Treatment Solutions

The extent and progression of negative consequences from addiction are endless. The cycle of addiction problems is seemingly hopeless. But there is always hope. Good help is available. Affordable solutions exist. Among the best are the first-rate treatment programs at Serenity Vista. Our private-pay, international drug and alcohol rehab is designed to help addicts overcome every challenge associated with substance abuse. Lives restore. Hope and optimism return. Tools are gained to live life on life’s terms without the need or desire to reach for a drug. Our individualized treatment programs are comprehensive and range from the standard 45 days to extended-stay programs of 90 days.

We understand the numerous and complex problems of alcoholism and other forms of addiction. We provide proven solutions for addiction problems. View testimonials of people from all walks of life from around the world that have found hope and the freedom of recovery at Serenity Vista.

Contact us today to solve your addiction problems once and for all.

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