Do They Do Drug Tests in Rehab?

Will They Test my Urine While I am in Drug Rehab?

drug tests in rehab

Drug tests in rehab have turned into big business. Will they test you? It depends. A whole lot of drug rehab addiction treatment facilities are making a whole lot of money by urine testing their clients. One family has a $304,318 bill for their teenager’s urine testing during his 9 month stay in treatment. Wow.

Most people arriving at most treatment facilities are given a special greeting. This welcome includes a luggage search, perhaps even a body search, and a request for body fluids.

I am choosing recovery, why don’t they trust me?

Large and institutional  drug and alcohol treatment centers may treat clients more like inmates than guests. This presents a presupposition that the addict will lie, cheat and even steal while in treatment.

In these institutions, there are lots of staff with lots of keys on their belts. There are line ups for medication dispensing, line ups for cafeterias, line ups for drug testing in rehab. Big Rehab is like a smooth machine.  In such a place where people are more like numbers than names, drug-searching and drug-testing does help to keep everyone safe. However, it is psychology 101 that a person will most likely rise to your expectations of them, consequently, drug tests in such rehabs reinforce this distrust. Sure, there is a place where this behavior might make sense. But not at Serenity Vista in Panama.

An Alternative to Big Rehab

Warm, intimate, holistic individual treatment for alcoholism and other addiction is available. At private treatment for addictions in Panama we will greet you with a big smile and a welcome hug. We know how difficult and important the first 24 hours is.

Serenity Vista expects people to be honest and act with integrity. We treat our guests with dignity and respect. We do not search people’s bags because we believe that body searching or body fluid testing is an outrageous personal violation. Consequently, this invasive procedure is out of the question and not consistent with the treatment philosophy at Serenity Vista.

A Different Type of Addiction Treatment

We work with a maximum of 6 guests at any one time. We very quickly get to know each guest intimately. It would be impossible for a guest to use drugs at Serenity Vista without quick notice. In our 10 years of this work we have experienced this only twice. Both persons were required to leave treatment immediately – however – there remains credit for early departure active for one full year if the guest chooses to apply for a return. There are no drug tests in rehab at Serenity Vista.

So, the rehab team will trust me? It has been a long time since I had people believe me.

We understand. Active addiction brings out the worst in almost everyone. However, we know that alcoholics or addicts are not bad people. They are good people with a bad disease. We will not test your urine, your blood, or your luggage. However, we will continually test and challenge your ability for open-mindedness and willingness.

Private-pay, holistic, empathetic and compassionate treatment for active alcoholism or other forms of addiction exists in Panama. We will sit across the table from you, make eye contact and listen. You will be treated with respect and trusted. We will help you heal.

Do they do drug tests in rehab? Not at Serenity Vista they don’t.


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