What is Holistic Alcohol Treatment?

Holistic Alcohol Treatment is Healing Body, Mind & Spirit From Addiction

Healing the Whole Person

Holistic alcohol treatment facility can be a loose term. A less professional ‘holistic rehab treatment’ may offer lots of yoga, meditation, and detox drinks. This might be a great option for someone who is not an addict. But alcoholism is chronic, progressive and fatal. This is the nature of alcoholism. Addiction treatment demands much more than spa treatments.

A non-holistic treatment center focuses mainly on just one faction of the addiction. Some common focus may be on medication or psychiatry. Fitness perhaps is on the main menu. Just going to 12 Step meetings and reading The Big Book isn’t a rehab. Perhaps the concentration is put on a particular form of Christianity or Buddhism.Maybe aversion therapy or just a plain old lock up.  There is no integration of the whole person.

What is Holistic Alcohol Treatment?

Think of the Whole – as in the Whole Person, undivided. Consequently, physical healing, spiritual exploration, and a challenge to thought patterns and beliefs are a powerful combination.

Common Healing Components of Holistic Alcohol Treatment

  1. Yoga, Tai Chi or Qigong offer very precise holistic systems of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation
  2. Art or music therapy such as drumming allow for creative expression of the myriad of feelings that arise during treatment
  3. A moderate diet of delicious varied, fresh and healthy foods. Meals, including desserts, can be an integration back into routine and body regulation. Scientifically there is no such thing as a ‘detox diet’ or supplements to ‘detox’. Detoxing is done by your own organs. Therefore, healthy, fresh, balanced foods fuel your body to do its job
  4. Interaction with animals and nature are grounding and healing in immense ways. Dog and horse contact or gathering flowers for the table. Going barefoot on the grass,  feeling the sun, watching butterflies while listening to the creek invigorate the soul
  5. Recreation activities offer opportunities for to challenge comfort zones. Facing a fear to cross a suspension bridge, for example, may be a catalyst to face an inward fear of discovery. In addition, varied regular activities such as zip-lining, sailing, hiking, rock climbing and coffee farm tours stimulate curiosity and physical healing.
  6. Clean, spacious and comfortable home like surroundings. A bedroom that does not look like an institution, with a queen-sized bed consequently makes for restful sleep. Comfortable and spacious common areas should be available to watch spiritual and recovery based films.

What to Look for in a Comprehensive Holistic Alcohol Treatment Program

  1. Mindfulness meditation
  2. Spiritual exploration and practice
  3. Basic cognitive emotional/behavioral therapy
  4. Experienced trained professionals with an intimate understanding of the recovery process
  5. Discussion of and recognition of codependent behaviors
  6. Complete abstinence, including nicotine
  7. Unplugging from television, social media and constant contact with family
  8. 12 Step work in house and at local offsite 12 Step meetings
  9. Exploration and planning for life after rehab

Alcohol addiction affects every area of a person’s life. Thus, for total recovery and sustained sobriety, all aspects of the person’s life must be addressed and healed. Therefore, recovery is an experiential process of life and isn’t an intellectual learning. No medication or prescription will keep a person sober and happy long-term, since learning to face life on life’s terms is an ongoing process. Consequently, it requires positive role models, real-time coaching, and being accountable. Therefore this process is like a spiral. Because bits are laid down in all areas of living the foundation is made strong for peace of mind and sobriety. These are the especially relevant answers to what is holistic alcohol treatment.

Private Residential Alcohol Treatment in Panama

Serenity Vista in Panama offers a robust and holistic program. Due to a careful a balance of the tough internal work interpersonal work, fun things to do, great food and 12 Steps, a full healing happens. You don’t get sick in just one area of your life. Consequently, the whole person needs to heal in body, mind and spirit. What is holistic alcohol treatment? The whole life package.


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