Meditation for Addiction Recovery


Meditation for addiction recovery at Serenity Vista rehab in tropical paradise

Living peacefully in the present is just about the opposite of how a drug addict or alcoholic would describe his or her life. That’s why Serenity Vista places so much emphasis on meditation for addiction recovery.

An addict’s mind in active addiction can be wild beyond imagination.

In addiction, the mind is tormented by pain, irritation, distraction, paranoia, and barrage of negative images and uncontrollable impulses.

When racked with guilt and out of control, the addict’s thought process is its own worst enemy. Negative thought patterns cycle like warped and scratched records. Limiting beliefs and dark internal monologues cast clouds of doubt across their every notion.

When left to its own devices, the mind of addiction is a prison cell.

There is an old saying. “The wild mind is a cruel master, but the calm mind is a loyal servant,” and without doubt, the addicted mind is a reckless and constantly wild mind.

Only in recovery can a person affected by alcoholism, codependency or other form of addiction learn to tame and quiet the mind. Quite often, the most effective way to do this is through meditation practice. Meditation for addiction recovery is often overlooked in many traditional rehabs yet is a critical aspect of holistic healing for lasting sobriety and improved quality of life.


When an addict looks forward, they are overwhelmed by a fear of the future.

When they look back, they’re attacked on all sides by painful memories and regrets of the past.

But by practicing mindful meditation while in recovery, addicts can learn to bring their minds to this moment where they can immediately see and feel the peace of the present.

When they learn to see this moment and live in it, they can understand the immense power that exists in a single moment.

Neither fearing an imaginary future nor replaying a painful past, addicts are able to quickly gain control of their minds and impulses by anchoring themselves in the present moment

This moment of focus and clarity, and the moment that follows, and the moment after that, and so on, is where true and lasting healing begins. The journey of a thousand miles, it is said, begins with a single step. And the journey of lifelong transformation begins with this single moment.

Meditation is a perfect compliment to conventional 12-step recovery programs that emphasize “one day at a time.” Meditation takes this timeless sentiment a step further and reminds the addict to live his or her life “one moment at a time,” in the present, and in total control.

In the practical sense, meditation is excellent for stress relief, pain management, impulse control, and for recognizing and overcoming other addiction triggers. Many addicts have painful thoughts and memories locked deep beyond their own reach. Meditation is an extremely effective and gentle way to bring those emotions to the surface to be worked on and explored, which is essential for recovery and rehabilitation.


This moment is where your life is happening.

There’s an old uneasy joke that points to the fact that what doctors do for a living they call “practice.”

“Why are they practicing on me!?”

Likewise, people often ask jokingly, “why is it called meditation practice? What are we practicing for?”

The answer is, of course, life.

When sitting or walking in meditation for 20 or 30 minutes – perhaps an hour – the person in addiction recovery learns to cultivate a calm and focused mind, so that they can leave their practice session and take their peaceful mind out into the world with them. Eventually, they learn to “meditate” everywhere. Which is to say, they’re able to bring their mind to a calm and controlled state whenever and wherever there are. It just takes practice.

At Serenity Vista, during our unique long-stay recovery programs, guests are gently and skillfully guided in mindfulness and meditation techniques as part of the comprehensive holistic healing rehab program. You will have abundant opportunity to practice and learn various forms of meditation. You might even get the ‘hammock meditation assignment’! The ways that meditation can benefit someone recovering from drug addiction or alcoholism are unlimited.

We offer a range of meditation experiences and practices from the simple and personal to the formal. Guest can explore of a variety of meditation techniques such as guided sessions, walking meditation, seated meditation, mandala making, zen koan reading, and other traditional practices which have evolved over centuries to help men and women calm their minds, renew their spirits, and awaken their hearts.


Are you ready to break free from the cruel chains of addiction? Then join us in paradise at our tropical recovery retreat. Here, you’ll learn how our effective meditation for addiction recovery techniques, combined with our compassionate staff, unmatched outdoor activities, and exquisite cuisine, will all help you awaken to your true self! Awaken today!



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