Father’s Day and Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery

Father's Day and Addiction Recovery at Serenity Vista International Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Father’s Day is a special day of celebration and reverence for most. A time set aside to honor that magical relationship between a father and his cherished children.

Addiction Changes Everything

Sadly though, many families today live with the pain of alcoholism or substance abuse. For these unfortunate souls, Father’s Day opens old wounds and recalls memories of abuse and sadness. For children living with an alcoholic or drug-addict dad, Father’s Day is an emotional struggle. A struggle wrought with confusion, resent, and pain. People who grow up in the presence of addicted dads endure a lifetime of suffering. The dysfunction can span those formative years as children, through adolescence and up to the socially sensitive teen years. These are important years as they seek to establish their identities. Into adulthood, they themselves often become addicts modeled after their parents. It’s a brutal and unbroken cycle that without effective drug and alcohol treatment, inflicts one generation after another.

For addicted dads themselves, they are likely to spend another afternoon intoxicated or stoned. Loved ones are ignored on Father’s Day instead of unwrapping gifts or going out for ice cream. Those fathers are alone or getting their drink or fix in the company of enablers. Those dads once again turn to their substances to escape the pain and regret they’ve sown. Celebrating the love and joy of fatherhood is forgotten.

Other Family Members Suffer Too

A different but equally painful reality may face other Dad’s. That nightmare is having a son or daughter who becomes an addict. This is becoming more prevalent with today’s growing global opioid or opiate epidemic.

It’s estimated today that a staggering 15 million people are addicted to opioids. Countless kids today are addicted to opioids. Some try the latest kick on the street. Some get hooked on prescription pain pills. Many seek treatment. Some on their own while others at the direction of their parents or the law. But many more do not. And of the children who do complete conventional rehab, the majority soon relapse back into active addiction. Watching a child’s spirit and future wither away from drug addiction is among the most horrific experience a parent can imagine.

Let there be Hope this Father’s Day

What a tragedy so many sons, daughters, and dads are left suffering at the hands of addiction. Let this Father’s Day bring the hope of recovery and a restoration of healthy family relationships.

Love can be restored where there is anger or estrangement. Happy memories can begin to replace a painful past. Bonding between a father and his children can bridge a cavernous emotional distance.

There is always hope. Even despite a seemingly insurmountable darkness. There are many people who can tell you that they rose up from the depths of even the strongest addictions. This includes fathers, mothers, and children alike. They saved themselves and their families in so doing.

Their’s are inspiring stories of recovery. Combined with the most effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation available, is the hope that all families affected by addiction can believe in. Many such stories began at Serenity Vista.

This Father’s Day, ask yourself if you or a loved one needs help.

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