Recovering The Whole Person

Holistic Rehab- Whole Person Recovery

holistic recovery

 A life of active addiction takes its toll on a person. It affects the person as a whole. The mental, emotional, and spiritual damage can be devastating. All aspects of a person’s life is negatively affected. Therefore, for recovery to be effective, with lasting results, all aspects of the person needs to be addressed, and heal.

A comprehensive holistic rehab is optimal for long term recovery. Good rehab is so much more than just stopping drinking. Stopping is the easy part. It’s staying stopped, and living live on the basis of what life presents, with peace of mind and tranquility. That’s what good, healthy, holistic recovery is about.

Abstinence Is Only A Beginning

 Simply stopping the use of drugs and alcohol is not enough. You have been through a life-changing experience in addiction. It changed the person you were before addiction. It’s why you used drugs and alcohol in the first place. You tried manage past experiences, including physical abuse, mental abuse, or any other mental and emotional issues.

But know that there is hope in finding a sober life in recovery. It is possible, but it is a very personal journey and unique only to you. For that reason, drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers must take each individual and create a plan of recovery that address the unique needs to each person.

Holistic recovery approaches that focus on  Mind, Body and Spirit are among the most effective. Eventually, relapse will occur if the focus is only stopping use.

There is more to recovery than simply removing the drug or alcohol.

The Whole Being Concentration

The stresses of alcohol and drugs have ravaged your physical body, requiring rejuvenation. Sitting in a room with other addicts constantly is nothing compared to the calming and transformative power of nature. The natural beauty of  Central America surrounds Serenity Vista allowing you to relax and absorb the beauty of it all.

Next, the focus is your spirituality. It has faded to nothing. So the need to reconnect is very important. The Twelve Steps will focus your spiritual energy to work for you in recovery. We will help you through the spiritual explorations  needed in healing.

Recovery from addiction requires growth and understanding. It is as unique to each person as their fingerprint. If you are ready to take the next step and free yourself of drug or alcohol or any other addiction, Serenity Vista is here for you.

Our comprehensive and holistic program looks at you as a whole being and guides you to the life of sobriety you deserve.

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