How to Get My Husband to Rehab?

How Do I get my Husband To Rehab?


His Drinking is Ruining Our Marriage and Family

There are many reasons why people do not want to go to rehab. If a person does not want recovery and rehab, they will find a million excuses and reasons why they can’t go. If a person wants recovery and is willing to go to any length to get it, nothing will stop them from getting sober. If you feel your loved one needs rehab recovery, offer it, once. You may gently recommend a site such as Serenity Vista to review on their own. If they want help, invite them to make contact to inquire about getting help for their alcohol use or other addiction. If, however, your loved one refuses to take any initiative to get help, read on.

Ask Your Self These Questions If Your Spouse is Alcoholic:

  1. How many times have I pleaded with my loved one to get help?
  2. Have my attempts to control the alcoholic worked?
  3. How many hours have I spent feeling crazy and out of control trying to get the addict to stop?

Three simple questions – and a challenge to you to look at your situation in a new light.  Nothing short of incarceration or death will stop an active alcoholic or addict that does not want to stop. But you can live a life of freedom and peace of mind – if you are willing to do what you think the alcoholic should do.

Remember all the pleading you have done with your loved one, all the reasons you gave them to get help? Are you willing to look honestly at your own life, and accept the help that you desperately need? You may not drink alcohol or use other drugs, but if you have been in an alcoholic home, you can’t help but have twisted thinking and soul sickness.

We understand the sleepless nights, the driving around bars or seedy neighborhoods looking for your loved one. Going through pockets, checking cell phone records, smelling their breath. Walking on eggshells. Ask yourself : Have I had enough?? 

You may surprised to learn that most people, men and women, when their marriage to an alcoholic is over, will find another active alcoholic to be in relationship with. It’s true. Even your loved one quits, or divorces you, or dies, you still have the problems because they are in you.If you have been asking how to get my husband to rehab, turn the question around. Are you willing to go for codependency treatment?

There is help for the codependent too

Historically one has had to have a substance addiction problem to be admitted to rehab.  Now we see that there are a few treatment centers welcoming the codependent person who has no substance abuse issues.  Serenity Vista is a pioneer of the belief that codependency deserves rehab too. A full 30, 45 or 90 day program will change YOUR life. You may or may not leave the marriage, that is not for anybody to say, but you can have happiness and peace of mind by learning the tools to live life on life’s terms.

Serenity Vista Recovery Retreat in Panama is a holistic retreat, with focus on spiritual exploration, great food, yoga and massage – but also North American professional counseling and therapy. It is a full program. Are you really ready for change? Or do you just want the alcoholic to change. Be honest.  Try our Are You A Codependent Quiz, and find out. You can also find support at the Al-Anon Family Groups, probably in your neighborhood. Al-Anon is an outstanding program for the spouse of an alcoholic.  However if you think that a residential, warm, holistic and caring full immersion treatment sounds like a better start to your recovery, contact us at Serenity Vista.

Offer him the best help

Serenity Vista of Boquete, Panama, offers one of the world’s best private, holistic alcohol and other addiction treatment rehab. Your husband will be treated professionally with respect, dignity and compassion. He will receive one of the most individualized programs anywhere, by professional staff that know how to help people just like your husband.

Serenity Vista is recognized as One of the World's Top Rehab Centers

Serenity Vista awarded for it’s outstanding and transformative work and exceptional success rate over many years

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