Panama, Central America for Alcohol Treatment

Recover From Alcoholism or Other Addiction in Boquete, Panama

Panama, Central America Treatment for Alcoholism

Addiction is epidemic. Across North America, Canada and the United States, and in the UK, Europe, and Central and South America, city morgues and emergency rooms cannot keep up with the rising death toll. This is compounded by the devastating health and socio-economic impact of the covid19 panemdic. The result is a collective pain, sorrow, and suffering for the lost, and the loss is a dark oppressive, low-lying cloud.

Compounding the tragedy of alcoholism and other drug addiction, including the heroin/opioid/oxy epidemic, is the explosion of patient brokering and unethical rehabs. Patient brokering loosely is when an addiction recovery drug rehab actually pays a third party large amounts of cash for clients. The combination of huge numbers of available addicts, willing insurance payouts, and hungry rehabs, the financial temptation of corruption has become just another drug for some people in the industry.

With this in mind, consider the state of big rehab in America. The overall mood in alcohol and other drug rehabilitation treatment is at an all-time desperate crisis. Corresponding, of course, with this trauma, is the long wait lines and hoops to jump through to get to the neighborhood rehab. Many people will revolve through the doors of rehab numerous times. If you get in, your rehab roommate may have done this gig a dozen times.

Another Solution – Private Alcohol Rehab Abroad

Perhaps you are considering rehab and you still have the means to access a quality private-pay facility. Consider yourself very fortunate because for an active alcoholic losing everything is only a MVA, DWI, or divorce away. Don’t wait!

The Best Time For Rehab is Now

If you have a compound bone fracture there is no time for a ‘wait and see’ response. No one would dare suggest you should be able to set the fracture yourself. Active addiction is more life threatening than a broken bone. The time for good professional treatment is NOW.

The Best Private Rehab is Boquete, Panama for Alcohol & Other Addiction Treatment

We know that alcohol treatment is no vacation. It is hard exhausting work. Admitting you suffer from alcoholism and facing the realities in your life and challenges of recovery can be daunting. It takes courage, honesty, and willingness. When your tough group therapy session is over, do you want to go back to your bunk bed on the ward and consider your cafeteria meal? Or, how about stepping into the lush green tropical oasis to contemplate the (dormant) volcano through the mist. Listen to the birdsong, romp with our loving chocolate Labrador retriever dog, wade in the creek and smell the flowers. You get the picture. Serenity Vista offers the alternative of a beautiful retreat like setting that includes holistic therapies such as yoga and art therapy on the schedule.

Serenity Vista featured by The Visitor magazine as a World Top Private Rehab for alcohol & drug addiction treatment

Beautiful Boquete, Panama is ideal for Holistic Healing from Addiction

Leaving behind the cold, sad and sorry state of affairs in North America for international, private alcohol treatment has great benefits. A new country that is fresh, no past associations, no temptation to take the bus home are just a couple reasons. Central America offers incredible value along with the warm climate, scenery, loving people, and great food.

Boquete is a quaint, multicultural town in the mountain highlands of tropical Panama. The town has attracted many expats from Canada and the USA and become a famous travel destination. This special place is world famous for geisha coffee, tropical rainforests, abundant beautiful flowers and birds, and endless rainbows. Boquete is indeed a special place, known as the land of eternal spring. The world’s most idlyllic location for holistic healing from addiction.

If you know that you need alcohol treatment or drug rehab, but you are concerned about who your roommate may be in the local rehab, come to Panama. People who come to Serenity Vista come because they want to heal in a holistic way in the tropics. They aren’t brokered in. They are serious about getting professional help and want an exclusive, personalized experience from professionals in a non-institutional setting.

Serenity Vista Pacific Tropical Island Recreation Outing

Alcoholism and Other Addiction Recovery with Peace of Mind and Serenity

Serenity Vista offers personalized addiction recovery, ideally situated in the green tropical mountains of Panama, Central America. World class, evidence based therapy with a staff of english speaking professionals, in a warm tropical setting, at Latin American prices. Make your inquiry today.


Serenity Vista is a World Class Private Alcohol & Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment Center recognized as one of the World's Top Ten Rehabs

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