Does Rehab Work? Serenity Vista Testimonial Review

21 Year Old Young Woman Goes to Rehab in 2007

8 Years Post Treatment? Amazing


Does Rehab Work?

HEY, Remember Me?

I’m the girl from New Orleans, Louisiana…I was with y’all at your recovery retreat for 2 months in 2007. Happy to say I’m making 8 years! My husband just made 9 years. We are doing great.

We have 3 beautiful boys and are so enjoying our life of freedom. My relationship with God has gotten stronger and stronger each passing year.  I’m a whole person and I’m so grateful that we are giving our children a life of peace and happiness and not of addiction, like my husband and I grew up in.

I just noticed your Serenity Vista Facebook Page and wanted to say “Hi”, and thanks! I am so glad I was able to start my recovery with y’all.  I hope y’all are doing well!

Oh and I didn’t mention that my relationship with my family is restored. I’m able to have healthy relationships with them in what I’ve learned and continue to learn. My mom is sober since 2007.

I believe God gives us “double for our trouble”… what I missed out on my childhood I am now getting back in my adult life. I’ve always wanted to have my own family, it’s such a wonderful thing.

Does rehab and recovery really work if you are an addictalcoholic or codependent? One way to look at this question is to ask, does exercise work? Does studying for a test work? If your Dr gives you a prescription for an antibiotic, does it work? Well, the paper it is written on surely won’t help the infection, but going to the dispensary, getting it filled properly, and taking it as directed will give you the best chance possible. Especially if the infection has been diagnosed correctly, and the antibiotic works on that particular bacterium. Does rehab work? The answer you will hear in the 12 Step Rooms is, “It works. If you work it.”

The Willingness To Do Whatever It Takes

The particular young woman who wrote this amazing and inspiring email to Serenity Vista Retreat was willing to do whatever it took. In her case, it meant learning about codependency and detaching from parents that meant well, but were keeping her sick. You can see from her email that she now has mature and respectful relationships with her family – and they are all recovering. It was recommended to this young woman that she wasn’t ready to return home after the industry standard 28 days. She needed more time for the maturation process and to heal deeper issues. She surrendered to her counsellor’s suggestion. 8 years later, you hear the results of her surrender.   This young lady came to her treatment rehab facility for addiction on Christmas Eve. She was willing to do whatever was needed to get the treatment she needed. One more day to wait was too long.

Does Rehab Work? – Yes, It Works…. If You Work It!

Serenity Vista Drug Rehab, Addiction Facility including residential treatment for Codependency works. If you want sobriety and sanity and peace of mind more than anything, give yourself a gift. Treatment at Serenity Vista in Panama offers a holistic experience of body, mind and spirit. Give yourself the time you need to unwind all those mistaken beliefs and accrued resentments. Pick up the tools we will lay at your feet to stay sober one day at a time. You deserve it. So do your loved ones.

If you are struggling with codependency or addiction issues, you too can find peace of mind, joy, and a whole new life. This young woman’s heart warming spontaneous, unsolicited testimonial so well illustrates how recovery can translate into freedom and new life, not only for yourself, but your family, and generations to come.

Contact Serenity Vista to learn more for alcohol treatment or drug rehab, or here for help with codependency. 



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