Wanting Sobriety

Wanting Sobriety


Wanting Sobriety

I Want to Walk in the Open Wind

Here Comes The Rain Again, Eurythmics

What do you Want?

I Want to Walk in the Open Wind” is the stuff of popular culture music and musings. Everyone has their own ‘I wants’. I want success. Money. Security. A better job. For my family to respect me. To be happy. Perhaps you now add wanting sobriety to your list of wants.

Everyone has ‘wants’. But where most people spend their lives looking for satisfaction of their wants is outside. Outside of self. In other people, places and things.

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The Problem

For many people, their needs are met to some degree. Therefore, reasonable contentment is achieved, and life goes on, from one want to the next. However, when the illusion of satisfaction of a want is perceived to come from a substance such as alcohol or drugs, or behaviors such as gambling or eating, an endless cycle of seeking can be set up. As a result, self destructive consequences mount. It’s the proverbial feeding of the ‘Hungry Ghost’ inside, an insatiable hunger that despite what is fed it, is never satisfied, but always calling for more. Always with the promise of satiation, and the inevitable end result of hollow emptiness, despair, and ultimately hopelessness.

The Solution

Does this describes a vicious cycle that you or a loved one is in? The chasing of a dream of fulfillment and happiness, yet resulting in baffling and incomprehensible increasing restlessness, irritability and discontentment? Wanting sobriety alone just doesn’t work. There is a solution. It starts with recognizing the pattern, and seeing that, despite your best intentions, intellect and tremendous will power, what you are doing isn’t working. It’s realizing that the seeking of an outside solution to an inside problem is futile. However, what you are doing isn’t working.

So, perhaps now, wanting sobriety is your focus. But you face a dilemma. You realize that trying to get what you ‘want’ has brought misery. You have likely tried countless ways to stop drinking or drugging and stay clean and sober, but failed over and over. So, how can you overcome this problem?

The solution is in accepting that you, alone, simply can’t. Therefore, surrender is your way out. First of all, surrender your way, your thinking, your attempts. Then, ask for help. As a result, with surrender, comes an opening, a crack in the façade of “I’m ok”; an opening to humility. Consequently, you will find the humility to ask for help.

Where to Turn

If this resonates with you, know that good help is available from people who ‘get it’. Professionals that have dedicated their lives to helping break the vicious cycle of addiction. To help people just like you find true inner peace and contentment. Some find help from a local counselor, spiritual leader, therapist, 12 step fellowship, or outpatient rehab clinic. Some require and benefit from getting away to a professional addiction treatment center. A dedicated period of time to pause, take inventory, challenge your thinking, get in touch with emotions, and develop new, positive, healthy thought and behavior patterns that bring true and meaningful peace and happiness.

Serenity Vista is Here for You

If you are considering alcohol, drug or other addiction treatment rehab, Serenity Vista offers you or your loved one a great getaway destination where we will help you. We will help you shift from ‘wanting sobriety’, to ‘living sobriety’. Getting away to a beautiful, tropical destination allows you to literally see life in a new way. To break old patterns and start afresh. Be guided by professionals to develop new emotional, thought and behavior patterns that work. To develop new life living skills where life is lived on life’s terms, no longer on a pipe dream created in fantasy or song. To experience life on life’s terms, with peace of mind and serenity.

Serenity Vista might feel like a Caribbean tropical holiday. A getaway trip to beautiful Panama. But what you will come home with will last a lifetime.  A life worth living. A transformed life of recovery, full of serenity,  joy, and happiness. Serenity Vista offers an outstanding program with many advantages. Private rehab where your privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed.


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