Why High Functioning Alcoholics and Drug Users Can Benefit From Rehab Too

Why High Functioning Alcoholics and Drug Users Can Benefit From Rehab Too


What is a High Functioning Alcoholic or Substance Abuser?

The common stereotype of an alcoholic or drug addict is a person who is out of control and dealing with obvious negative consequences as a result of their behavior. This is the face of alcoholism or other addiction that is so often portrayed in movies, soap operas, and reality shows, but this depiction is a bit misleading. The truth is most of those who develop a problem with alcohol or drugs will also become skilled at coping and hiding it – the people who fall into this category are often referred to as ‘high functioning’ or ‘high bottom’ alcoholics, or high functioning drug users.

…high-functioning alcoholics are able to maintain respectable, even high-profile lives, usually with a home, family, job and friends. That balancing act continues until something dreadful happens that reveals the truth…   ~Jane E. Brody – High Functioning, but Still Alcoholics – New York Times

Are High Functioning Alcoholics Less at Risk than Stereotypical “Addicts”?

If you have an alcohol drink or other drug problem that isn’t causing too much noticeable damage to your career, reputation, or relationships, you may be tempted to believe that you don’t need any help. In fact, you may even justify this behavior with the excuse of ‘work hard, play hard’ or the myth ‘drugs make me more creative’. The reality is that high functioning substance abusers can be in a more danger than those who are obviously struggling.

Here are just some of the reasons you may be in more danger as a high functioning drinker or other substance abuser:

  • There will be less pressure on you to quit – therefore you may end up suffering more before you do become willing to quit
  • There may be fewer financial limitations on your substance abuse than the person who is obvious struggling with addiction – this means you can carry on and do more damage to your body and mind
  • You may have a sense of entitlement in regards to substance use (“I work hard”), and this can make it less likely for you to stop or reach out for help
  • You may become so obsessed about protecting your reputation that you refuse help even when it does become undeniable that you are in trouble
  • High functioning substance abusers can hide their problem for many years but when the problem does become public, it tends to be dramatic and very damaging to other people (e.g. high functioning addicts have destroyed companies)
  • High functioning alcoholics can feel miserable for years but things don’t seem to get bad enough that they feel ready to change or ask for help

Is Rehab Necessary for High Functioning Alcoholics or other Substance Abusers?

Your alcohol or drug addiction might not yet be causing too much damage to your reputation and relationships, but the operative word here is ‘yet’. If you carry on with this path, things are most certain to deteriorate at some point, and you risk losing everything. At the very least, you will be living a life that is far less enjoyable and satisfying than it could be. You may already be quite successful in your career and life, but there is no doubt that addiction is going to be limiting you in some ways.

Going to rehab is one of the most important things you can do to break free of substance abuse such as drinking alcohol. You don’t need for things to get bad to reach out. This type of program is all about providing you with the right tools so you no longer feel the need to turn to alcohol or drugs. It is all about helping you to transform your life so you can truly enjoy your life and all the successes and accomplishments. It’s about learning to love yourself and all aspects of your life, with contentment, serenity, and joy.

Protecting Your Privacy & Anonymity While Attending Rehab

If you are worried going to rehab would harm your reputation, there are options so you can get this help with minimal risk of it becoming public knowledge. One of the benefits of choosing Serenity Vista in Panama is that your anonymity will be protected. You can just tell work colleagues and clients that you are going away on a personal retreat or holiday, and you may even come back with a nice tan to prove it. And that would be the honest truth.

You don’t need to wait for you life to derail and for your loved ones to worry about you. Get away for a tune up and renew your life to beyond your wildest dreams. Rehab at Serenity Vista can be an exciting adventure of self discovery, renewal, and personal transformation.

If you are wondering if alcohol may be problem for you, complete the alcohol self assessment here.

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