Endless Sober Summer


Endless Sober Summer at Serenity Vista in tropical Panama

Most people whether sober or not are familiar with the classic surf film The Endless Summer – or at least most have heard the phrase at one point in their lives or another. The phrase conjures up images of swaying palm trees, lazy Hawaiian slide guitars, and paper umbrella fanned out over sweet tropical cocktails. As if in a Beach Boys song, endless summer means long unending days on the beach followed by warm, tiki torch nights with friends. We’ve all dreamed of an “endless summer” before. And many people, at some point in their lives, have even had a taste of it. They can remember those feelings of light minds and carelessness that accompany summer.

Summar has a particularly tantalizing appeal in 2020. Much of the world has been under strict quarantine with strict social distancing due to COVID-19 this spring. Pandemic control lockdown measures are slowly being lessened as we move into summer. Many long to be freely outdoors again, enjoying the fun and company of others in the sun, at the beaches, at campgrounds, and on nature hikes. Time for fun in the sun!

Paradise Lost

But this idea of a heavenly dream world, rich with social life and pleasant outings, is one of the things that traps alcoholics and addicts and prevents them from breaking free of destructive substance abuse. Many alcoholics forgo treatment in fear of living a boring sober and dry life. They think giving up alcohol means giving up their social lives, sacrificing the good times, and trading their endless summer for an endless bummer being sober.

Nothing could be further from the truth, and it’s the nature of alcoholism to live with this kind of delusion and paranoia about being sober. Not only does alcoholism breed fear, it makes false promises that a few drinks will deliver endless bliss to he who imbibes. It promises the drinker exciting and pleasure-filled nights that never end. But in reality they do end, often abruptly either from accidents, fights, or from passing out. Instead of endless summers, alcoholism delivers endless consequences. For an alcoholic, what at first glance seems like everlasting bliss is nothing more than a temporary high at a high cost.

Real Peace Right Now

So then is “Endless Summer” just a myth? For someone with an addiction, is there no such peace to last a lifetime? The good news is, in time, and with the right treatment, alcoholics and addicts can achieve a freedom that lasts everyday through morning, noon, and night. Instead of living lies, chasing false promises, and living with negative consequences, recovered alcoholics enjoy the fresh air and blue skies of living sober. A full life free of substance abuse. Instead of stumbling through one wasted evening after another, the recovered alcoholic is free to explore the night with a sober mind and a clean conscience. The discoveries of sobriety are endless – and without hangovers, the sun is sweeter, the beach is bigger, and barbecues are better!

Paradise Found

It’s time to free yourself from addiction’s grip and start living the dream – the real dream! This summer, instead of spending another season chasing fake paradise, come experience real paradise and true change at our luxury drug and alcohol retreat in Panama. Experience a healthy new sober life of discovery, nature, and outdoor adventure. Book your extended stay with us now and trade in those destructive all-night benders and regret-filled mornings for palm trees, aromatic tropical blossoms, the deep blue sea, and meaningful fellowship.

Make this sober summer endless. Escape alcoholism and other addiction by learning to experience the joy of life transforming recovery in tropical paradise.

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