Chart Your Course Toward Sobriety

Head Toward Sobriety

Chart your course to sobriety at Serenity Vista best addiction drug rehab. Adjust the sails!

If you are a drug addict or alcoholic cruising through life one fix after another, it’s time to re-evaluate your current course and calibrate your compass toward sobriety before you run aground.

Caught in a succession of storms and constantly making repairs, it has probably been a very long time since you looked out over the horizon and asked yourself “what direction am I heading?” Are you making way toward a specific destination with all your heart and mind focused on success? Do you hope to arrive at sobriety some day? Or, like most active addicts, are you lost and adrift like a ship without a rudder? Or worse, are you living life at full speed ahead but asleep at the helm? If so, it’s only a matter of time until you end up on the rocks.

Stormy Seas of Active Addiction

When we pull back the lens and take the wide view, we see that life as an active addict is awfully rough sailing. There are no paradise ports to pull into, no spectacular sunsets to enjoy, and no supportive crew on deck. Instead, most addicts lumber through life lost and alone with their anchors dragging and their sails in tatters. If a ship damaged at sea is not properly repaired and dewatered, it will join the rest of the wrecks at the bottom of the ocean. Likewise, unless a drunken sailor is sobered up and set on a straight and narrow course toward sobriety, he too is destined for Davy Jones’ locker.

Sobriety is Smooth Sailing

Navigating the difficulties of life is challenging enough without the weight of addiction dragging you down. But when done with a clean and sober mind, those same challenges can be their own reward. Just as every able seaman agrees, life on deck is hard work but it’s enjoyable work in the sun and sea spray. The same is true of life as a recovered addict, where life presents challenges and overcoming them creates feelings of immense confidence and self worth. The recovered addict living in sobriety is in every sense the captain of his own ship. Powered by a powerful Higher Power, making healthy choices for his life and course, he decides where he wants to go. With a sound mind, he sets the destination and skillfully navigates toward it. Best of all, the sober sailor is never left to sail alone. His strong and supportive crew is always available.

Sailing to Success at Serenity Vista

Are you ready to put some wind in your sails? Are you ready to head toward sobriety. Contact Serenity Vista, come aboard bravely, and start your voyage today! Serenity Vista is the best private alcohol & drug addiction treatment rehab where you will not only stop drinking or using. You will experience meaningful real change for sustained sobriety and the life you’ve dreamed of.  So much more than just being sober. Reach out today to chart your course to sobriety and complete life transformation!

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