Serenity Vista FAQ’s

Responses to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do I know if I need treatment?
The fact that you are asking at all, is a great indication that you may need treatment. Take our self-assessment forms, or call one of our counselors for a direct conversation about your situation. Click here for information on interventions.
Do I need detox?
Most of our guests do not need a medical detox. Speak to one of our counselors about your drinking or other drug use pattern, or complete our Admission Form. Alternatively of course, speak with your health-care provider if you have any medical or safety concerns. If needed, Serenity Vista can help you access medical detox at a high quality medical facility near Serenity Vista, or closer to your home for detoxing prior to travel to rehab at Serenity Vista.
Why does treatment at Serenity Vista cost less than comparable North American programs?
Panama was chosen not only for its beauty, but also for its lower costs of doing business. Serenity Vista has a world-class, holistic, international program that is second to none, comparable in quality to some of the best programs in the USA and Canada. It costs less to operate the facility in Panama, and Serenity Vista passes those savings on to you. View program fees here.
Is treatment at Serenity Vista covered by health insurance?
Serenity Vista Holistic Rehab is a private-pay treatment facility and does not work directly with 3rd party billing or insurance companies. We can provide you with official receipts for submission in order to help you in requesting consideration for reimbursement. Loan financing is available if you don’t have any insurance, or if you do, money can be lent to pay for high deductibles, co-pays, or when your insurance company denies benefits because you may be deemed to be “medically stable.” In Canada, click here to finance your program.

How do I pay for treatment?

When funding is difficult for some of our guests, they have turned to family and loved ones for help, to their own financial institutions, employers, or they have liquidated some personal assets like motorcycles or cars. Serenity Vista accepts online payment or direct bank deposits or wire-transfers from most major banking institutions worldwide. Contact us for details.  In Canada, click here for Canadian financial assistance.

What is Serenity Vista’s ‘success rate’?
There is not an easy answer for this question. Be wary of any facility that offers you a percentage number of their ‘success rate’. The concept itself is so varied, that the numbers can be manipulated to show anything. When guests complete their program at Serenity Vista, they are completely clean and sober, and have all of the tools and a personalized plan needed to remain clean and sober and an approach to deal with life’s challenges. People who come to Serenity Vista tend to be highly motivated, do exceedingly well, and make positive changes in their lives. Read more about Serenity Vista and ‘success rates’ here.
What does a typical day look like at Serenity Vista Treatment?
The program is comprehensive balancing holistic healing of body, mind and spirit. There are daily morning walks with Ceiba, two, 2-hour counseling sessions each weekday, and three 12-step meetings each week. Your week will also include an afternoon at the spa with yoga and massage, a full day of outdoor recreation and adventure , and time for rest, enjoyment and connection with loved ones on Sundays. Read more here about a typical day at Serenity Vista.
How do I decide how long my treatment should be?
Without exception, the longer you commit to primary treatment, the better your chances are for continued sobriety. Serenity Vista Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatment offers 45, 70 and 90 day programs. The full 3 month program is recommended for the best results and greatest chance of long term, life long sobriety. Program durations and fees are more fully outlined here.

What should I bring for treatment at Serenity Vista?

Pack like you are going for a two or three week tropical and mountain highland vacation with clothing for spring-like weather. Remember your swimsuit, sturdy hiking or walking shoes, and comfortable exercise clothes.

If applicable, bring a prescription medication supply for the duration of your program, as some medications may be difficult to find in Panama.

There will be opportunities for shopping if you forget any personal items. Washing facilities are available onsite.

Anything I shouldn’t bring?

Books or magazines, unless they are recovery or spiritually based.

Sexually explicit materials or revealing clothing.

Cameras, personal music devices.

Any products containing alcohol, tobacco, or any other drugs.

Will I attend 12 Step Meetings in Boquete?
Yes! You will attend at least three 12-Step meetings each week.
Will my family be involved in my treatment?
While you are in treatment, your focus should be on YOU and YOUR recovery. Often when guests call ‘back home’ they are derailed with concerns about what is happening there.  We have seen this happen many times.  While guests are able to connect with loved ones on Sundays, we strongly recommend minimum contact for the first few weeks.  We recommend all family members and loved ones begin their own journey of recovery through the 12 Step fellowship of Al-Anon, or private counseling. Serenity Vista can also offer material suggestions for specific family situations.
What is your policy on electronic devices?
You are welcome to bring your smartphone or laptop. You will have opportunity to use them on Sundays. The use of a communication application such as Skype is an economical way to connect with family and loved ones on Sundays. Serenity Vista has guest wifi freely available.
Can I take my usual prescription medications while in treatment?
Any medications you are currently taking will be discussed with you prior to arrival. For most medications, it will be recommended that you remain on them while in treatment. Please review your medications for program suitability through the Admission Form.
I am a vegetarian, or I eat kosher, will my dietary and nutritional needs be met?
Proper nutrition and delicious meals are a huge part of Serenity Vista’s holistic treatment. Our amazing chef is able to provide for special dietary needs with flare and excellence.
Will anyone be using tobacco at Serenity Vista?
There is zero tolerance for any use of tobacco or nicotine products (other than the topical patch for a tapering regime as counselled). Panama, as a country, has some of the most progressive anti-smoking laws in the world. Very few people use tobacco in Boquete.
Can I have a private room?
Depending on availability, private upgrades are an option.
Can I have individual therapy?
The very small number of guests to staff ratio ensure there is a lot of individual attention for each guest. If you have a need or desire for additional one on one counselling outside of the group work, it can be arranged.
Who typically seeks treatment at Serenity Vista?
Serenity Vista Holistic International Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Panama provides treatment to men and women who are 18 years of age or older suffering from the disease of addiction. Our guests are English speaking and come from the United States, Canada, the UK, Central and South America and the Caribbean. This cultural diversity makes for a small, intimate, dynamic milieu. Our unique location in Panama provides an optimal level of anonymity and confidentiality. For personal, career, medical or insurance considerations, some clients may choose to enter treatment in a foreign country where your privacy and confidentiality are strictly ensured. You are welcome at Serenity Vista.
How many other guests are in treatment at any given time?
You would have a maximum of 5 other guests with you at any given time. You are guaranteed a small intimate setting with a lot of individual attention.
Can you help me make travel arrangements to Panama?
Absolutely, we are pleased to help you make your travel arrangements and will walk you through every step of the way.
How do I start the process for treatment at Serenity Vista?
The process is very simple. Fill out the Admission Form or the Contact Form and our friendly counselors will guide you from there.
What are the advantages to treatment in Panama?
Drug Rehab is no vacation, but if you can choose a tropical paradise, with a world-class program for less, why wouldn’t you? Many people for personal or career reasons, may wish to avoid their state or provincial health care records, or just wish to come enjoy the tropical flora and nature and other beautiful aspects to life in beautiful Panama while learning to heal.
Is this a religious program?
No. Spirituality is one facet of the program where you will have stimulating, interesting and non-threatening opportunities to explore what spirit means to you. We are inclusive of people from any and all religions, as well as atheist and agnostic. It makes no difference. We are not allied with any religion or sect, nor do we ‘preach’ any religion. All are welcome, regardless of faith, or lack thereof.
Do I need to speak Spanish?
No, you do not need to speak Spanish. Serenity Vista is an English speaking program.