9 Steps to Stay Sober and Still Have Fun

Stay Sober and Have Fun

Steps to Stay Sober and Still Have Fun

Challenging as it may seem, you can still have fun sober – even when you go out to events, parties and at the weekend. It’s a matter of re-learning how to have fun without drugs or alcohol and re-creating a new fulfilling life that you truly enjoy. This can seem boring or daunting at first because so many social activities revolve around alcohol in our society. In the beginning, it’s perfectly normal to have pulls on your mind that entice you to go back to old habits.

The good news is that you can have way more fun sober if you get creative and explore all of the options that life has to offer. Being sober, we can enjoy a wide variety of activities and remember everything that happened. Often people feel that they don’t know what to do if they don’t smoke, take drugs or drink alcohol. 

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Making the choice to live a sober life can be one of the most rewarding choices you’ll make. But it’s not necessarily easy, early sobriety comes with its struggles. Normally people use drugs or alcohol to deal with unresolved pain. You’ll need a new healthy outlet to replace drugs and/ or alcohol. 

In this article we’ll explore 9 ways to have fun sober, let’s dive in:

9 Steps to Stay Sober and Still Have Fun!

1.   Take Part in Sports/ Exercise

When drinking or using drugs in active addiction, the brain gets flooded with dopamine (the feel-good hormone). That’s one of the reasons that the cycle of addiction is so difficult to break. Thankfully there are a lot of other healthy ways that we can encourage our brains to feel good and make dopamine – exercise is one of them. Exercise literally protects and rewires the brain.

2.   Serve Others

Shifting focus from you to helping others can be a rewarding activity. Being a sober person, you can drive, and help your friends and family. Helping others has been scientifically proven to promote positive behavior, giving us a sense of purpose and making us happy. Plus, altruism is contagious, when people see you volunteering or helping others then they are more likely to do the same. 

3.   Go on Adventures in Nature

Whether you enjoy hiking up mountains, a gentle stroll in the woods or time by the ocean, spending time outside is great for your overall health. In a study that covered 20 countries, researchers found that spending time in nature promotes healthy sleep and reduces the risk for type 2 diabetes. Time in nature also reduces blood pressure and salivary cortisol (a marker for stress). With many people turning to drugs and alcohol to relieve stress, time in nature might just be the perfect activity to enjoy, and it’s FREE.

4.   Pursue a Passion

Giving up drugs and alcohol will free up a lot of time, which can be a good thing.  You can use this time to enhance your life by pursing a passion or taking up a hobby. Take that woodworking class you’ve always thought about, learn to fly fish, take tennis lessons, learn pottery, take up photography, join a choir, join a hiking group, or take art classes. The possibilities are endless. Recovery from addiction means freedom. Freedom to choose the life you wish. Explore new possibilities and pursue passions that brighten your day.  

5.   Spend Quality Time With Family

When people are sober, they can be fully present in the moment. Often people who use drugs continually think about the next drink or hit they are going to get, meaning their mind wanders, which can make time with family disconnected. Drugs and alcohol steals your time.  Being fully presentand focusing on the lives and needs of your loved ones is only possible when you’re sober. Time is the most precious thing you have, and in sobriety, the greatest gift to your loved ones.

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6.   Read/ Watch Documentaries/ Educate Yourself

Drugs and alcohol impair the brain – however, these effects can normally be reversed with healthy lifestyle choices. Instead of choosing to dumb yourself down, why not pick a subject that you’ve always been curious to learn more about. Spend your time watching documentaries, reading and educating yourself. There are also lots of online courses or part-time courses that you can take your local college.

7.   Go Out To Events

Events can be great fun, especially if you are sober. Some events that you may have enjoyed when drinking are all about drinking or taking substances, do yourself a favor and avoid these types of events. All events are not created equally, going to a wedding or family gathering is different from a music festival or bar crawl. Be vigilant as to the types of events you choose to attend when living a sober life. 

Instead, invite your friends to a dinner party, bowling or another activity-based event. In sobriety you will find that your friends will shift to like-minded sober folks who love to do things together, sober. Sober fun is real fun! And with real friends!

8.   Dance

Dancing is often something that people will only do when they have had a few drinks. Your first sober dance may feel strange but will quickly become great fun. Great fun you will remember and not regret the next morning! In fact, many find they actually dance much better and have more fun when sober! So get on the dance floor.

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Research has found that dancing has a positive effect on our mental health, body image, and mood. Some studies have shown that dancing reduces depression and anxiety, due to the fact that dancing releases feel-good chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin. Social psychologist – Amy Cuddy of Harvard, found that power posing, and how we move our body can positively impact our minds. 

9.   Seek Meaningful Connections

Substances are often used to connect with others and have the feeling of having fun. More meaningful connections are made when people are fully conscious and present. Your sobriety will inspire others, and attract meaningful conversation and real connection. People will want to be with you and enjoy your company. The right people are going to love you for who you are, rather than what substances you consume.

Ask for Help

Admitting that you need help and support is a massive step forward, especially for people who have relapsed in the past. A support system is essential to usher people through the recovery process. The myth of willpower overcoming addiction is just that – a myth. Addiction is a disease that normally requires professional assistance to overcome. Seek out the fellowship of a good mutual support group such as the twelve step meetings of AA or NA. Find a group of like minded folks where you feel supported, can make new friends, and likely have a lot of fun too!

If you want to get sober, stay sober, and learn to have real fun in life, reach out to Serenity Vista today. We will guide you to have the life you deserve, one you love filled with joy and fun.


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