Stress Reduction Addiction Treatment Rehab

Stress reduction addiction treatment rehab

Stress reduction addiction treatment rehab at Serenity Vista

In active addiction and also in recovery, stress is normal. It’s not always bad, but when left unchecked and unexamined, it can be downright debilitating. Stress often gets a bad rap, but a certain amount of stress is healthy. In a totally tension-less or stress-free state, we’re either asleep, in deep meditation, or dead. As a powerful and healthy alternative to apathy or laziness, positive stress is a powerful force that motivates us to action and inspires change. But at other times, when pushed to extreme levels, stress and discord can be physically and mentally destructive. The effects of prolonged stress on the body are well documented, and nearly everyone – addict or otherwise – is familiar with the miserable feeling of being over-stressed at one point or another. Stress reduction addiction treatment rehab recovery is needed for long term sobriety and peace of mind.

Stress reduction addiction treatment rehab

For most addicts, type of unhealthy and crippling stress is a constant thorn in their side. Feelings of guilt, repressed pain or anger, and failed or struggling relationships caused by skewed thinking, are all self-induced sources of toxic stress that plague drug or alcohol abusers. Moreover, the gnawing cravings associated with addiction is another distinct source of stress that is additive. Routinely using substances to combat his or her stress, the addict’s stress pendulum swings from unhealthy highs before getting their fix, to numb and unproductive lows immediately after. It’s a painful and perpetual cycle. Even in stress addiction recovery, especially early stages, stress can be exceptionally strong as addicts learn new coping skills, face many changes and first-time new experiences.  Even if they are positive, stress almost always accompanies major life changes. That’s why stress reduction addiction treatment rehab is important for sustained, effective recovery.


The common thread of  stress addiction recovery and stress management is that balance is the key to both. The two are tightly entwined. What’s good for one is good for the other. Managing personal stress is essential for managing addiction recovery, and fortunately, a healthy stress reduction program is neither secret nor complex.

Starting with physical aspects, exercise is crucial to lowering stress and learning to manage addiction. When cravings call and anxiety levels spike, instead of reaching for that next fix, the benefits of exercise as a stress reduction alternative are tenfold. A healthy body equals a healthy mind, and both are needed in recovery. With each workout, cravings dissipate, thoughts are clearer, and the body feels lighter as stress melts away. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, it is really. As brisk 10 minute walk, especially in nature does wonders to restore harmony.

While improving yourself physically, you can just as readily turn your stress-reduction focus inward. Stress starts as a mental affliction, and the best place to manage it is at the source. Through proven techniques such as meditation, art therapy, nature healing – and an array of healthy natural methods – recovering addicts can learn to check their stress early. All of these techniques are ways to examine your thinking.

Find Balance in Paradise

We encourage alcoholics / addicts in early recovery to come and take full advantage of our world-class recovery retreat in Panama. Here, we provide programs to manage mental and physical stresses experienced in early recovery. Learn effective mindfulness remedies to calm your anxious mind. Balance is the key to freedom, and as many others have discovered, that balance begins at Serenity Vista. Whether you struggle with stress, alcohol, other drug, or other addictions, we will tailor the tools to help you.

Self-inquiry – the examination of thoughts, is one of the most powerful tools. The 12 Steps are the key for this process when it comes to addiction treatment. Physical exercise, meditation, eating right – these are all really important. With comprehensive holistic addiction treatment, including through the 12 Steps, the odds of staying clean and sober become very high. Get the full treatment at Serenity Vista Addiction Recovery Retreat, holistic private pay, or self-pay, in Panama.

Are you ready to reduce your stress and be open to real change? Powerful stress reduction addiction treatment rehab that will change your life. Reach out today and open yourself to sobriety with complete life transformation!


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