I Can’t Quit Drinking Alcohol. Help!

If You Can’t Quit Drinking Alcohol, There is Help

Can't Quit Drinking Alcohol

Being an alcoholic is not a moral failing. It is a disease that is known as cunning, baffling, powerful and patient! If you can’t quit drinking alcohol on your own, and stay stopped, you are likely suffering from alcoholism – and there is no known cure. Alcoholics or other forms of addicts who stay in active addiction generally have only a couple of destinations: “Sobered Up”, “Locked Up”, or “Covered Up”. Yes, it is harsh.

There is good news though. Remission is possible. Many achieve living sober, with contenment. Millions of alcoholics and other forms of addicts have gotten and stayed sober over the last 80 years or so. “Sobered Up” is the best choice of the three because you and your family are deserving of some happiness! If you are an alcoholic, you have had more than your share of suffering.

The Blame Game is not for you if you Can’t Quit Drinking Alcohol

If you are trying to stop drinking on your own but you can’t quit drinking alcohol– and stay stopped, you probably need help. The 12 Step Programs, starting with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), founded in 1939, guide people to sobriety. The 12 Steps are not the only program, but far and away, however, AA works the best for the most. All this current talk about ‘Stigma’ and ‘Big Alcohol’ and ‘Big Pharma’ being to blame, is really just a distraction for the active alcoholic. Leave the blame game to someone else. There is a huge movement of people affected by addiction working to change the system. Leave them to it, because your big job is getting sober – now.

Self-Pay, Private-Pay or Cash-Pay Options for Alcohol Treatment

Although people can, and do, get sober with 12 Step meetings alone, there is another way to increase the odds in your favor. Choosing a private rehab that treats you with dignity and respect is one way to jump-start your recovery. Insurance Companies and Government dictate almost every move of “Big Rehab”. Often policies and procedures are about share-holders and bureaucracy. It doesn’t make sense that “Big Rehab” pays their admin staff and recruiters more than their counselors. But most of them do.

Choosing a self-pay, private, stand-alone facility in tropical Panama ensures that you can get one of the best treatments possible. Getting away, travelling abroad gives a fresh perspective. Alcohol treatment that offers empathetic, Canadian and American professional and intuitive counseling, temperate weather, world-class recreation activities, and 12 Step inclusion may be your best option. The fact that a maximum of 6 guests is undergoing treatment at any one time is assurance that you get the individual care you need, and deserve.

Serenity Vista is a World Class Private Alcohol & Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment Center recognized as one of the World's Top Ten Rehabs

Explore Your Treatment Options to Quit Drinking Alcohol

You can find out more by exploring our website or calling to talk to one of our counselors. No hard-sell will happen. Just friendly, understanding conversation. We are in Panama, and our North American phone number re-routes right to our cell phones 786-245-4067. Complete our inquiry form to help assess if Serenity Vista is a good fit for your individual situation.

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