Addiction Recovery Now

Addiction Recovery Now

Addiction Recovery Now. Here and now is the time and place. Serenity Vista.

If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future.
If you are at peace, you are living in the present.― Lao Tzu

One of the surest ways to disrupt inner peace on the road to addiction recovery now is to live outside of the present moment. Rehashing a painful past cannot repair it. Worrying about the future does not solve tomorrow’s problems. Instead, both strip recovering addicts of their peace today and prevent them from living in the present.


How often have you caught yourself swept up in old memories? For addicts, these thoughts of yesterday are usually dark and regretful reflections. Their minds are typically trapped in the past, reliving painful experiences repeatedly as if they are real and happening all over again. But where is this place? Where are these visions occurring? All of this happens in the recesses of memory. And most criminologists or psychologists will agree, the memory actually constructs a pretty inaccurate picture of the past. Not only is the past unreal, it’s often rendered as an incomplete picture with details missing or filled in with false information.


Similar to the past – which exists in memory alone and nowhere else – the future exists only within the imagination. Detailed unravellings, possible scenarios, and all future events are all products of the imagination. Like images fed to the mind by memory, worrisome visions of the future are just that, visions created by the imagination.

Because time travel isn’t possible, there is no past or future to “go” to. They don’t exist independent of the mind and are only real to the person perceiving them. And yet for most addicts, the majority of their time is spent dwelling in these two realms of the mind.

All that remains is the present: Addiction recovery now!

Unlike the past and future, the present is special simply because it’s real. This moment is where you are. Here and now is where your life is unfolding. Life is not happening in a fragmented past nor in an imagined future. It’s happening right now. This present moment, where everything is happening and possible, is powerful.  A key to drug addiction or alcoholism recovery is gaining serenity in the moment. Centered in the present moment, calm and aware, addicts are eventually able to quiet the wild and impulsive mind. For ages, people have quipped that the present moment is called the “present” because it’s a gift. For an addict, this is especially true. Few gifts are as valuable as peace of mind when learning to overcome the pull and pain of addictive behavior. Addiction recovery now, here and now in this moment, is where and when life happens on life’s terms.

Do you find yourself stuck in addiction, regretting the past or incessantly worrying about the future? If so, you’re not alone and it’s not uncommon. Because it’s essential on the path to recovery, at Serenity Vista we focus on centered and present self awareness through mindfulness as a means to holistic healing. We help alcoholic/ addicts in recovery unlock the power of the present, learn to love life today, be at peace with the past, and move toward a promising, hope-filled future.

Are you ready for real change? Addiction recovery now. Here and now, in this moment. Make a decision to reach out today and open yourself to complete life transformation!


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