Rethinking Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment Rehab

Rethinking Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment Rehab

Rethinking alcohol & drug addiction treatment rehab at Serenity Vista retreat in tropical Panama

Are you feeling trapped by alcohol, drug, nicotine or other addiction? Are you constantly weighed down by chronic relapse and the repetitive pain caused by substance abuse or codependency? Are you a smoker, alcoholic, codependent or drug user whose wealth and health are in peril? We understand your struggle – and you’re not alone. At Serenity Vista, we have been rethinking alcohol & drug addiction treatment rehab over many years.  We’ve helped many overcome their addictions and codependency issues and see the miracle of life transformation.

The prevailing belief has been that recovery means getting clean and sober. But what if we told you that recovery doesn’t stop there?

Complete Life Transformation

What if getting sober or starting AA  (alcoholic anonymous), NA (narcotics anonymous) or Al-Anon is just one step on an amazing life-long transformative journey? What if sobriety is just the beginning? Rather than seeing your addiction rehabilitation as an uphill struggle to endure, as most addicts, drug rehabs and addiction treatment facilities do, we offer a unique and inspiring growth opportunity. At Serenity Vista, your path to sobriety is an amazing experience to embrace. Rethinking rehab has allowed us to offer a program that offers complete transformation of body, mind and spirit.

We know full well that addiction recovery isn’t easy. This is exactly why so many well-intentioned men and women chronically relapse. But in the right recovery program, surrounded by support and positive energy, it’s easy to see your addiction as an opportunity. As difficult as it may seem now, lasting recovery begins when you accept yourself – addiction and all – and realize that being hard on yourself has gotten you nowhere but deeper in guilt, and therefore deeper in substance abuse or other addictive behavior, which leads to more guilt and shame, and perpetuates the destructive addiction cycle.

We meet you and work with you wherever you are on your life journey. During our 70-day or 90-day individualized programs, we will teach you to learn to accept and love yourself. You will open up to seeing yourself, others, and patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors in new ways. Step by step, you will be nurtured by skilled and compassionate guidance with opportunity for deep exploration, discovery and spiritual exploration & development. Through your comprehensive and fully integrated whole life program, we will guide you along a proven and peaceful path to freedom, to an awakening of who you really are. To your life transformed.

Sobriety is Just a Beginning

Recovery doesn’t stop at sobriety. Sure, it starts there. But with help from our extended-stay holistic treatment programs, world-class professional staff, dynamic recovery community, and dream-like tropical setting, you will be immersed in serenity and presented with the chance to not only recover, but to also leapfrog your current self. Far more than the temporary feelings of refreshment after a vacation, when we say transformation, we mean a lasting and positively renewed you. Rethinking rehab offers you that opportunity.

Addicts, alcoholics, and codependents in recovery live with a gnawing feeling everyday. They spend most waking moments longing, filled with a burning motivation for improvement or some form of spiritual connection. Most people who live otherwise ordinary lives don’t have the motivation to stare themselves in the mirror everyday and say, “I want to grow and be better.” This is why many addicts introduce themselves in 12 Step meetings, as “Hi, I’m _____, a grateful alcoholic”. Their greatest defeat has become their greatest asset.

You may relate. Perhaps you too have felt that deep longing for spiritual fulfillment, and tried to fill it with booze, drugs or other addictive behaviors. And that’s why your search has led you here.

And we’re glad you found us. Our mission is to help you direct that motivation toward something greater, something you feel inside but can’t quite explain. Some call it higher living, others call it freedom. At Serenity Vista, your recovery becomes total life freedom and spiritual connection.

We call it awakening to become your true authentic self.

Rethinking Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment Rehab For Complete Life Transformation

Incorporating spiritual mind-body elements such as yoga, meditation, nature therapy, and outdoor recreation and adventure, and combining them with 12 step recovery principles and group therapy sessions, our private-pay intensive programs are designed with you – the real you – in mind. Contact us today for the opportunity to experience a life-long transformation and become a truly renewed you! We have called it rethinking rehab, but it is nothing less than a complete life transformation. Are you ready for real change?



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