Addiction Treatment?

Is This the Right Addiction Treatment for Me?

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Finding Out About Rehab

Congratulations, you’ve just taken the first step on the road to recovery by searching for an addiction rehab facility. If you are like the thousands of others in need of addiction treatment out there, picking a facility can feel like a daunting task.  A big part of the problem with finding the right addiction treatment place is that you may have no idea what is the best for your particular needs.

What to Consider Regarding Addiction Treatment

Some things to consider are whether the facility is local and possibly in the public eye, or somewhere more private and secluded? Overseas or out-of-country locations such as Panama can offer you the distance that you need from triggers, and offer a wide variety of activities not available in your home town. A Panama location has ambient weather, beautiful beaches and numerous outdoor activities like hiking and horseback riding to help you on your road to recovery. We suggest you look for a center that offers you more than just the 12 Steps and AA meetings. Although we feel these are indispensable, there is a lot more to healing. While your mind is healing, your body and spirit can in a holistic way too, through hiking, zip lining, rock climbing and all that nature has to offer.  Fresh tropical fruits and clean mountain air add a generous abundance of healing properties in a wonderfully beautiful setting.

Getting Away From Addictive Triggers Back Home

It is often recommended you chose a facility that will remove you from locations, situations and people who can increase your chances of relapse. More and more people are seeking addiction rehab and alcohol treatment at international addiction treatment facilities that are removed from negative influences and increase your chances of success with guaranteed privacy. You will be a lot less likely to bolt in those difficult first few days than if you knew your dealer was just down the street.

Why Does Price Vary So Much For Addiction Treatment?

Another influential aspect of choosing a facility is cost. Some facilities are sponsored in part through donations and government funding. Unfortunately these facilities often lack the staffing and holistic treatments that a private pay rehab facility can offer you. When you chose an affordable private rehab facility you can expect a spa-like atmosphere with a more customized treatment created just for you and your individual needs. Find a location that can provide you with the opportunity to go outside and enjoy new activities that won’t act as a trigger for you. New activities like yoga or rock-climbing might just be part of your life from now on! Facilities that offer a solid foundation in nature, communication, holistic treatment and emotional support are great key points to search for.

Who Runs Addiction Treatment Facilities?

Search for a facility that offers a staff that is trained to help you through every step; from the first inquiring phone call you make until after you’re home and seeking a friendly and reassuring voice. Look for a facility that is 100% dedicated to you and your recovery and has professional endorsements from reputable leaders in addiction. Now more than ever we see rehabs run by corporate boards of directors, shareholders and insurance companies. If you are at an addiction rehab facility, your only goal should be learning the tools for a sober, happy and healthy life. By choosing a facility that’s mindful of your needs and your surroundings, you can eliminate unnecessary interference. A good facility should offer you individualized therapy along with group therapy.

Starting the Road to Recovery

So, you are ready to start your journey. Let’s review a few keys points before you get started. Remember that while you will face many trials and tribulations on your road to recovery; choosing the right facility for your needs is crucial. Ask yourself if you felt welcomed during the initial phone call or email contact.  Find a facility that helps you heal both in body and in mind. Yoga, massage therapy and meditation are just some ways to achieve this. Nowadays it’s not uncommon for addiction treatment facilities to utilize animals in the healing process. For example, horses and dogs can offer you companionship and a sense of purpose beyond yourself that you can lose in an addiction. Once you’ve made the decision to start your journey with a private pay rehab center don’t limit your search to your country. Branch out to look for an international addiction center. You have taken the first step, keep up the good work!

Out of Country Addiction Treatment May Be Right For You

Serenity Vista offers a new option for private addiction treatment. Located in the beautiful tropics of Panama, it offers an individualized private pay program for you. There are many reasons for why it makes sense for you to travel to tropical Panama for rehab. Small in numbers, there is usually no more than 3 – 6 guests. No back row seats here! The 12 Steps, and community 12 Step meetings are core, but there is much much more. Personalized programs to fit your needs, a loving and friendly Labrador retriever dog, great fresh tropical food, yoga, massage, and spiritual exploration. Consider Serenity Vista for your addiction recovery treatment needs.

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